Dennis R. Cohen

My friend and co-author Dennis R. Cohen passed away in March of this year. He was a good friend as well as a good writer. I spoke with him a week or so before he died; he was full of plans for the future.

His brother, my other co-author Michael E. Cohen wrote about Dennis here.

Dennis R. Cohen has spent the past 0x20 years developing software for the space program, the motion picture industry, numerologists, and everyday users of personal computers. The past 0xD years have been focused on editing and writing about personal computers and the software that makes them more than inanimate conglomerations of electrical and mechanical components. His titles include: iMovie ’09 & iDVD ’09 for Dummies, The FileMaker Pro X Bible (X=7, 8, 8.5, and 9), Mac Digital Photography, The Xcode 2 Book, and The iLife Bible. Dennis resides in Spokane, WA, with his wife, mother-in-law, two dogs and three cats in the proximity of his wife’s two kids, a daughter-in-law, nine grandchildren and two great-grandkids.

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